Dealing with dialysis Dealing with dialysis

Kidney failure requires a treatment called dialysis. Because this treatment takes time and effort, taking care of your emotional health is key.

Dialysis is a procedure that is used as therapy to replace kidney function when it fails. Initiating this type of treatment can lead to strong changes in emotional health, as patients must invest a significant part of their time in this process and be stringent about taking care of their diet and intake of liquids.

The American Psychology Association recommends taking a few factors into consideration when dealing with this phase in order to live more comfortably.

  • Do activities that you are passionate about: The APA recommends continuing to practice the hobbies that bring you pleasure. Be open to change to adapt these classes and activities to your new schedule.
  • Stay connected: Don’t hold your feelings back. Share what is happening to you, your needs and the emotions these changes are arising in you to those who are close to you.
  • Become educated: Clarifying any questions you have will help you feel at ease. Ask questions about the procedure, keep a list of questions that arise throughout the process and get the answers you need from medical professionals.
  • Professional support: While your friends and family will want to help you, a support group of people that also have kidney disease may help you feel better, as you will feel heard and understood.

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