What is the recommended daily salt intake? What is the recommended daily salt intake?

What is the recommended daily salt intake?

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Too much salt can be just as bad for you as too much sugar. Find out what the recommended daily intake is, what foods to avoid and how to control salt consumption.

According to the World Health Organization, no more than five grams or approximately one tablespoon of salt should be consumed in a day; this includes the salt already present in foods and drinks, table or any other kind of salt. Children aged two to 15 should consume even less salt.

Reducing salt intake can be just as difficult as reducing sugar intake because in addition to the salt we add to our meals, many of the packaged and even unpackaged processed foods we buy at the grocery store contain very large amounts of sodium. Checking food labels before making a purchase is recommended.

Reduce salt intake but do not eliminate it from your diet

Keep in mind that salt is essential for the body. According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, salt ensures a proper balance of liquids in the body and also helps the muscular and nervous systems to function. Without salt, your metabolism would not be able to digest food or absorb nutrients. “That is why it is important to have just the right amount of salt.”

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