10 plans for caring our health together 10 plans for caring our health together

As a couple you can promote healthy life habits for self-care and to enhance your wellbeing in each other’s company as well.

Medical advisor María Rosario Guerrero Buelvas
Family Medicine Specialist Doctor

Love is caring. The best demonstration of this is caring for the other person’s well-being, being attentive to his physical and mental health, connecting as a couple with everyday actions that enhance the quality of life, promoting unity leading you to achieve your goals. Below we are offering some simple plans for you to practice.

1 Exercising

Planning and discipline are vital to enjoying physical activity allowing the mind to free itself from stress. One must use dialogue to negotiate this space according to each one’s agenda and house chores that both of you must share to allot time to exercise whether together or separately. Each one certainly has different needs but motivating as a couple will prevent you from falling into a sedentary life style.

2 Caring for your nutrition

 Cooking is a great plan for couples and a time for sharing. When there are special requisites due to health issues or simply because you wish to take care of one another, it is fundamental to consult with a nutritionist and follow those recommendations. Unify recipes as much as possible also according to taste, purchase only recommended products and help your partner avoid temptations.

3 Regular controls

In general, all healthy patients must get clinical check-ups twice a year as preventive medicine.  A good sign inside the couple is both individuals being attentive to these controls that also depend on the stage each one is in. There will most likely be check-ups and specific tests by age groups. Reminding your partner to have these check-ups is a sign of your wishing for his/her health.

4 Taking medication

 In the same way you remind your partner about the check-ups and tests, one must be aware that taking medication is a way to avoid problems both present and future. To that end new technologies provide tools such as alarms to remind one of the time to take your pills and also applications for follow-up. This simple plan can make a difference if, for example, you have a bad memory or are careless with this issue.

5 In Case of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem today in both men and women. Therefore, it is primordial to maintain healthy life habits such as moderate physical exercise for adults of at least 150 minutes per week, according to the World Health Organization.  Maintaining adequate weight and controlling stress provide for regulation of arterial pressure levels.

6 Beware sugar

Inside the couple, the only permissible ‘sweets’ must issue from love but not from foods containing sugar and preservatives that affect our health and trigger many diseases. The recommendation according to Dr. María Rosario Guerrero Buelvas is to “ go back to real food, that comes from the earth, from tubercles, rice, oats and dried fruit; return to non-processed, non-labeled foods.”

7 Watching over mental health

Assessing the impact of work and family stress and the way in which economic difficulties affect your life, such as the quality of your sleep, is a way of watching over mental health.  You must pay attention to alarming weight gain or loss; noticing a certain reluctance to undertake actions that previously motivated the individual; if your partner expresses fears or anxiety you must accompany him/her without taboos to a psychological or psychiatric consultation.

8 Don’t lose sexual life from sight

“Sexual health, in general, has to do with emotions and communication,” explains the family doctor. “It is important for the other person to know how to listen to the needs of his partner keeping an open mind when having conversations to reach agreements about the wishes they express. In case of any masculine or feminine dysfunction, ideally these must be expressed fearlessly to find solutions with the accompaniment of a doctor.

9 Keep a basic first aid kit at home

Included in our care is keeping a good first aid kit for the home and learning basic first aid skills to know how to help our partner in case of an unexpected event or one derived from any disease one presents. Have the telephone numbers on hand to ask for help when necessary and know what allergies the other person has to avoid accidents: this is part of the advice our Specialist offers.

10 Be alert to potential signs of disease

It is necessary to notice any changes in behavior and abnormal symptoms that your partner may present in different biological functions. But the benefits of tranquility, love, dialogue and sharing will always be visible in a home. Emotional health impacts physical health. So, the combination of exercise, stress management, healthy eating habits and love will be key to a healthier couple.

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