5 pillars for creating a great year 5 pillars for creating a great year

The calendar is coming to an end, a new period begins, and with it comes the desire to plan, make resolutions, and prepare yourself for change.

Advisor: Ilse Rodriguez S.
Professional coach

“New year, new life,” as the popular song says, evoking the spirit of the season that awakens your desire to start another cycle, to open yourself to transformation, and commit to your resolutions. Professional coach Ilse Rodríguez explains that this is related to the way the brain works: linear and by phases. “Clearly, when a calendar ends, the intention to change is so significant precisely because an external factor tells us that a new stage is approaching.”

One way to prepare for the new year is to take inventory of what happened in the year that is ending, of those resolutions that were set out at the beginning, and then focus on gratitude, above all. “This helps us look at what was achieved and what wasn’t. But don’t judge or punish yourself, just analyze it objectively. Often, people are not aware of their progress. You have to be aware of what happened, of your achievements, learning, growth,” states Ilse Rodríguez S. One recommended exercise is to write, express your ideas clearly, and even make a list of what you want to achieve. “This is how we give value and strength to our resolutions. It’s about making that list with gratitude, but also putting forward what we want for our lives. There is a very nice practice that consists of writing in a descriptive and very explicit way exactly what we want and why we want it. It’s a way to amplify those intentions,” states the professional coach.

In terms of gratitude

Without a doubt during 2020, we all experienced complex and unconventional situations, but how can we let it go with gratitude? “From my experience, the best way to receive something is to be grateful for what you already have.
Complicated situations always give us the opportunity to learn, value, and appreciate. We can stop and ask ourselves:
What did I learn? What will stay with me from quarantine? What did I learn about physical distancing from my friends? What did I value by not being able to see my loved ones? In what areas did I grow?” adds Rodriguez.

Precisely, so that plans are not made, and months go by without fulfilling them. The best option is to consider concrete things, small steps that lead to that ultimate long-term goal. Actions that are doable. “Sometimes we plan abstractly or we plan things that are difficult to do, which causes frustration. Planning is necessary in order to link actions that are in your own hands to the plan. It’s about committing to the action and disassociating yourself from the outcome,” states the coach. Although challenges and resolutions are personal and address individual interests, expectations, and situations, professional coach Ilse Rodríguez suggests reviewing certain aspects of life and addressing them in the objectives you set.

Project the year

We invite you to review these 5 pillars in your life, and for each one create a set of challenges that you can and want to work on during the next few months.

Work for physical and mental balance.
► Keep up to date with relevant medical checkups.
► Have a healthy diet.
► Do the recommended amount of exercise.
► Take care of your rest and sleep hygiene.

Manage the information you consume.
► Be aware of the information you are consuming.
► Read books that interest you.
► Watch movies and series that you like, even make a list.
► Take a course or study.

Cultivate relationships.
► Reunite with distant friends.
► Reestablish connections with distant relatives.
► Designate time for social life.
► Enjoy activities with your partner.

Build it around your own meaning.
► Have moments of personal reflection.
► Start a meditation practice.
► Be a better person.
► Complement personal growth

Usually a consequence of the other pillars.
► Create synergies and ventures.
► Be disciplined in saving.
► Learn about personal finance issues.
► Keep a budget.

An attitude of gratitude and recognition of what has been achieved is the best way to start a new year.

A path with purpose

Perhaps there is no deeper question that requires as sincere an answer as the one about life’s purpose. “Why am I in this world? We invite you to pause and answer honestly. And this goes beyond having a house, car, studying, etc. Thus, one can begin to outline that immense subject that is the purpose of life and has to do with natural talents. A little key is to think about what came naturally to you when you were little and what you enjoy doing,” concludes
coach Ilse Rodríguez S.