4 myths of food intake when exercising 4 myths of food intake when exercising

Servings. The type of foods and the moment of intake can be crucial when undertaking physical activity.

Understanding the relation between nutrition and physical training is fundamental as well as clarity about the type of sports to practice and the time you will dedicate to the same. Experts from the Mayo Clinic bring clarity to some recurrent doubts on the before, during and after of exercising.

1.¿Training before Breakfast?

If you initiate your exercise routine before breakfast it is possible that, at a given moment, you feel sluggish or befuddled. It is recommendable to take a light meal at least one hour before initiating your sports routine.

2.¿Avoiding coffee?

If you are accustomed to taking a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoy this beverage before exercising.  Tolerance to the same depends on each individual organism.

3.¿Restriction of foods?

Intake of small snacks is better while exercising. Intake of carbohydrates is recommendable when exercising over one hour. Some options are granola bars, fresh fruit and fruit smoothies.

4.¿ Liquid intake?

Hydrating adequately is something you must keep in mind when training. Supplying the body with the adequate amount of liquids in the course of exercise prevents dehydration. It is recommendable to:

  •   Before exercising take two or three glasses of water (between 473 ml and 710 ml) about two to three hours previous.
  •    During training: drink half or one full cup of water (118 ml to 237 ml).

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