6 postures for injury prevention 6 postures for injury prevention

Maintaining proper posture in the different scenarios and activities of daily life is key to not only preventing back pain, but also to preventing other types of potential pains and injuries.

The following six postures are recommended for life’s different daily activities.

1. Standing. Having bad posture while standing for long periods of time may not only lead to pain, but may also be harmful to your health.

2. Walking. The three key elements to preventing injury and maintaining proper posture when walking include having arm movement, keeping your back straight and having secure footing.

3. Sitting. Sitting is a very common position of daily life. Keeping a tall posture and sitting as far back in the chair as possible are some of the tips we explain in the following video.

4. On the computer.  It can be more relaxing to work in front of a computer with the proper sitting position and posture. A proper work environment is also helpful. Consider the following tips:

5. Biking. Riding a bike is not as simple as you think. Having the wrong posture can lead to injury in different parts of the body.

6. Exercising. Pushups, squats and sit-ups are three easy exercises that can be done at home. It is important to have the proper posture, however, when doing them. The following are some recommendations.