6 tips for healthy eating 6 tips for healthy eating

Eating healthy does not mean you have to maintain a strict diet that restricts foods or meals throughout the day. 

The secret is for your eating patterns to become a healthy habit by keeping the following tips in mind on a daily basis. The U.S. nutrition program, Choose My Plate, recommends the following for adults:

  1.   Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. They are often included in our diets, but not in the right amounts. This food group provides the greatest benefit to your health.
  2.   Eat three servings of dairy a day. Low fat or fat free milk, low fat yogurt and unaged cheeses provide the calcium the bones need and are healthier than beverages that contain high amounts of sugar.
  3.   Do not forget about lean protein. Choose meats that are low in fat such as turkey, chicken and some cuts of pork and beef. Eat fish products at least two times a week. If you do not eat meat, replace this food with protein-rich products such as eggs, cheese, lentils and beans.
  4.   Take charge of your kitchen. The less you eat out, the more you can control what you consume. Try to cook more naturally and reduce the use of processed foods.
  5.   Choose natural sweets. If you need something sweet after certain meals, choose foods that include natural sugars, such as baked fruits.

6.   Opt for whole grain foods. Of all the flours and grains that you eat, try for at least half of them to be whole grain. These are rich in fiber and have nutrients that are essential to our bodies.