6 tips for meeting your workout goals for this year 6 tips for meeting your workout goals for this year

If one of your goals this new year is to do more exercise, here are some tips for doing so successfully. 

  1. Identify what type of exercise you really like. Think of a sport or physical activity that interests you so that it is not difficult to take it seriously.
  2. Do not expect immediate results or miraculous changes. Exercise requires persistence and rigorousness to see results.
  3. Considering the goal you want to achieve as well as your medical history, discuss what type of exercise will benefit you the most with a medical professional.
  4. Do not demand too much of yourself at the beginning. Establish workouts that are short and easy to do. Going for a 20 minute walk each day is very a reachable goal, for example.
  5. Try to be aware of the benefits and positive results that physical activity has on your mind and body. When you realize that it gives you energy and makes you feel healthier, you will be more motivated to make exercise a part of your lifestyle.
  6. You can always start over. If you could not do your workout routine for a few days, this does not mean that you have failed. Get back to your routine and take back the progress you have made.

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