8 Habits to care for your health 8 Habits to care for your health

8 Habits to care for your health

CORPORATE 2 April, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

Being conscious of our wellbeing allows one to take actions to favor integral care.

Challenges in health issues are many. Promoting mental wellbeing, a balanced nutrition and practicing physical activity are key to reaching the desired wellbeing. This is why on April 7 of each year the World Health Organization commemorates the World Health Day to call on society to work on complying with this objective and compromising leaders to take concrete action to promote it. From Coomeva Prepaid Medicine we invite our users and their families to adhere a routing of healthy habits on a daily basis as great opportunity to create greater conscience based on self-care and the importance of preventing before curing disease. Practicing the following actions will help you achieve this.

  1. Keeping a healthy diet

Your diet must include a variety of foods, intake of fruit and vegetables, reduced intake of saturated fat and sugars, eating adequate servings according to age, weight and daily expenditure of calories.

  1. Keeping physically active

In general, physical activity must be carried out 30 to 45 minutes a day at least 5 times a week and for a span of at least 10 minutes minimum to make them efficient.

  1. Having your vaccines up to date

 Prioritarily, parents must have a follow up of the vaccination agenda of their children to protect them from transmissible disease and guarantee their wellbeing while they grow.

  1. No smoking

Eradication of this habit increases life expectancy and diminishes the risk of heart disease, cancer of the lungs, throat, esophagus or bladder.

  1. Avoiding intake of alcohol

Reduces brain damage, behavioral misconduct and memory disorders. In excess it may cause hemorrhage of the stomach, esophagus, inflammation and affectation of the pancreas and liver.

  1. Controlling Stress

It is important to control an accelerated rhythm of live, a high level of demands at work and preoccupations as for example, to avoid consequences in your daily routine and in relationships with others.

  1. Having periodic medical check-ups

These include blood tests, for example, to know the indicators of glucose, cholesterol, creatinine or level of leucocytes or white globules to study the immunological system.

  1. Having good sleep hygiene

Getting up at the same hour, do not stay awake in bed more time than necessary or take abundant meals before going to bed. Check the adequate temperature of the room.

These are some guidelines to reach this goal.

A customized plan

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