8 myths of insulin use 8 myths of insulin use

8 myths of insulin use

Self-Care 17 June, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Diabetes is a progressive disease and at some point, the use of insulin is necessary.

Over time, people with diabetes tend to produce less insulin or become more resistant to its effects. As a result, the treatment used to help during its early stages (a special diet, oral medication and physical activity) often lose their effect, which is when insulin becomes necessary. The Mexican Diabetes Association highlights eight common myths about the use of this hormone, which is involved in metabolic processes and is produced by the pancreas.

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Myths about insulin:

  1.   It leads to complications. On the contrary, it helps prevent serious problems.
  2.   Injecting it is painful. They can be scary at first, but their applications are virtually painless use syringes that are coated with low-friction lubricants.
  3.   They do not improve your health. The use of insulin is a quick and effective method to lower glucose levels.
  4.   Insulin places limitations on patients’ lives. Diabetes is what limits patients, insulin is what can provide them with more freedom.
  5.   Using it can lead to episodes of hypoglycemia. Using insulin properly will help prevent adverse reactions; severe hypoglycemia is very uncommon in people with type 2 diabetes.
  6.   It makes people gain weight. If it is used along with a healthy diet, weight gain can be prevented. Also read, Diabulimia is a dangerous pathology.
  7.   Once you start using insulin, you will never be able to stop. In some cases, insulin treatment is temporary. In others, once blood glucose levels are under control, its dosage can be reduced.
  8.   It cures diabetes. This is not true, there is no cure for this disease.

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