Demolish the myth about mastitis Demolish the myth about mastitis

This mammal tissue inflammation doesn’t mean the end of breast feeding. On the contrary, continuing breast feeding your baby is a good option to fighting it.

Although it is a little painful, the mastitis doesn’t result in serious health problems for the mother and her baby. Usually, this inflammation is caused by a bacterium that enters the breast through a fissure on the nipple’s skin or an opening in the mammary channel and when enters in contact with other bacteria that are in the milk, give rise to an infection.

In accordance with the Mayo Clinic, maintaining the breast feeding job or extracting breast milk with a specialized device, even while taking antibiotics for dicreasing fever and swelling, is the best way to accelerate the recovery, because emptying the breasts alleviates the pressure generated by milk storing. This process doesn’t compromise the baby’s health because there is not any risk of contagious through maternal milk. A way for minimizing the probabilities of suffering from mastitis is allowing the baby to fully empty one breast before putting him/her on the other.

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