A balanced diet during childhood A balanced diet during childhood

Childhood is a fundamental time for developing the body. Parents or caretakers should select a careful diet that includes all nutritional components. 

The World Health Organization and the dietary guidelines published by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute for the Colombian population over age two recommend the following foods be included in a balanced diet.

  • Dairy: key to bone development.
  • Meat: its protein is essential. Red meats help to develop new tissues and stimulate the growth hormone.
  • Grains: give us energy and help proteins complete their function.
  • Fruits: serve as fuel for the body and provide it with the energy it needs.
  • Fish: rich in Omega-3s, which the body does not produce naturally.
  • Water: essential to keeping the body hydrated and functioning.
  • Vegetables: provide us with vitamins and minerals.
  • Legumes: give us iron, which stimulates our physical endurance and prevents anemia.
  • Nuts and seeds: contain antioxidant properties.

The recommendation is to seek the advice of a nutritionist in order to learn what foods are most appropriate for the child’s height and weight.
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