A healthy work environment A healthy work environment

A healthy work environment

Trends 21 May, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

The workplace is where most people spend the majority of their time, which is why it is becoming more common to turn these spaces into healthy environments.

This healthy environment is not just about having the right furniture and equipment, or having spaces that help reduce risk or medical conditions. It’s about having stress-free environments that foster healthy interactions between staff and that encourage positive thinking.

According to a study from the Hay Group, a specialty consultant group, business productivity can increase by up to 30% when the work environment between co-workers and management is improved.

One of the first tips to keep in mind is to have areas that promote healthy eating. This can be achieved through a food service that regulates food standards (if that is an option), or through water and fruit dispensers.

The suggestion is for employees to take time to relax that allows them to recharge their energy, lower their stress levels and get new perspectives at least two or three times a day. These rest periods will lead to greater productivity rates.

Rumors of layoffs are one of the factors that can have the greatest negative impacts on workers. Transparency and providing correct information are essential elements to preventing speculation from being raised. Being able to talk directly with the immediate supervisor allows for information to flow adequately without space for rumors to grow that bring on so much stress. Leadership should not take on paternalistic roles; on the contrary, they should treat their employees like mature people that are capable of understanding the changes the organization is going through.