A matter of motivation A matter of motivation

Having an objective helps us to feel a life purpose and to take action. We only have to create an interior space to find it.

Medical Advisors: Maritza Cifuentes – Master in Clinical Psychology
Juan Pablo Gaviria – Motivational Conference Speaker

Signing up for a gym and letting the membership expire without going, registering for a language course and missing half of the classes or filling the fridge with vegetables that rot when you give up on a healthy eating process, are some of the attitudes that together can contribute to a lack of motivation and that are more frequent than we like to admit. Juan Pablo Gaviria, author and motivational conference speaker, states that this phenomenon can occur because “real motivation in life is something that is born within you, it is a profound reason for why you will do what you will do. When this determination, this real reason why you do something is outside of you, you tend to abandon what you have started, but when your real intention is within you and is based on love instead of fear, you continue because the reason for what you do is clear, even if you know it will be difficult.”

Lack of motivation in the workplace and social environments or even interpersonal relationships occurs when certain behaviors, processes or actions are tackled in an automatic way. When these are perceived as monotonous, they cause a lack of interest. As Maritza Cifuentes, Master in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis explains, “when there is a constant feeling of lack of motivation in a person’s vital project, this can bring consequences such as stress, depression, despair, susceptibility to boredom or anxiety”.

Determination and sense of life

What happens to most people is that they are not clear about why they do something, and this is when they hit demotivation. Therefore, Martiza Cifuentes highlights the importance of a logotherapeutic focus as one of the many ways that can help an individual to discover their meaning in life. “When an individual discovers that which attracts them in life, this moves them to make decisions and act. When they find meaning in life, they will be motivated.” Viktor Frankly, Viennese psychiatrist and father of Logotherapy, paraphrasing Nietzsche, said that “he who finds a reason why in his existence, shall overcome almost all other hows.”

Likewise, Juan Pablo Gaviria mentions the Japanese concept Ikigai, in which “if the for whom is also clear, this gives a higher meaning to what I do”, as the model, as well as inviting the human being to have their sense of life clear, promotes reflection on what the world needs and the role that each person can fulfil from their passion, vocation or mission to achieve it in interaction with others.

Motivation cannot be standardized and on various occasions it is confirmed that many of the programs implemented, for example, in companies, do not reach their objective. Juan Pablo Gavirira states that “inspiration comes from outside, but it has to transform into motivation and become an interior and personal reason, a seed that grows within you and moves you to act.”

The greatest obstacle to someone remaining motivated is related to cultural conditioning and psychological “defects” such as negative thoughts created by fear, incertitude, low tolerance to frustration and a low sense of responsibility regarding one’s owns decisions. Maritza Cifuentes is convinced that “if children are taught that mistakes are opportunities and psychological resources are used in the face of frustration, through assistance, opportunities and care, they would have more consistent elements to become motivated, sensitive, fair and intelligent adults”.

How can we find passion again?

  1. If you do not have your sense of life clear, you must break paradigms, open your mind and heart to new information, overcome fear and explore different spaces to find motivation.
  2. Always bear in mind that motivation is an impulse that comes from the inside out, that gives the strength and energy needed to overcome obstacles. The conviction must come from personal values and dreams, not the desire to be on good terms with others, to please them or fulfil their expectations, because this means that, at some point of the road, the project being fought for starts to become a burden.
  3. When a circumstance cannot be modified, the attitude with which we face it determines the possibility to maintain motivation. Avoid paralysis and falling into self-sabotage.
  4. Seek a plan that allows for the passage from inspiration to action. Ideas do not work unless they are implemented. And ideas do not work without persistence, order, effort and love.