A new year, a new diet A new year, a new diet

Many people start their year with the resolution of eating healthier. This is no trivial feat, as nutrition strongly influences our well-being.

The website Familydoctor.org of the American Academy of Family Physicians offers some basic recommendation in order to make it easier to lead a healthy diet.

  1. Healthy fats: Not everything that has fat in it is bad for your health. You can use olive or canola oils to cook. Mostly, try to stay away from the trans (unsaturated) fats found in processed foods.
  1. Get more fiber: Fiber is found in complex carbohydrates with no added sugars. Legumes and grains are complex carbohydrates that also contain high amounts of fiber.
  1. Fruits and vegetables: These are a must for any diet. They provide your whole body with minerals, vitamins and fiber.
  1. Eat less sodium: In addition to salt, use other spices to flavor and season. This will help you reduce your sodium intake.
  1. Cook your meat in a healthier way: Use other methods such as grilling, braising, baking or broiling. Remember to remove the skin or fat before cooking.

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