Aboutti adds telemedicine to its portfolio of services Aboutti adds telemedicine to its portfolio of services

Technology and communication join together to improve health care.

The accessibility, timely service and the availability of medical treatments that our Aboutti marketplace offers our international patients will now be stronger as the result of a new partnership with the Dutch company, Spectator, which will provide the technology and communication platform for implementing our telemedicine model.

As Mauricio Castillo explains, Strategy and International Business Manager for Coomeva’s healthcare center, the integration of the Aboutti and Spectator platforms will provide patients from abroad with general and specialized medicine phone consultations as well as digital diagnostics. This big step forward, which involves innovative technology on information and medicine, will optimize healthcare services providing patients with more opportune and effective care. This will also increase the efficiency of contact with patients and reduce operational costs, as previously, many patients had to travel to Colombia or other areas to receive specialized medical care; while now they can do so without leaving their country.

“The partnership with Spectator will be an added benefit to us because they have advanced technology to monitor patients and through the devices and applications they have designed, we will integrate all of the patient’s healthcare together,” Castillo explains.

In addition, Aboutti will have the opportunity to treat different types of patients. Initially, the program will begin with the option to have phone consultations. Later on, however, we will also be able to treat those who require special monitoring through looking at x-rays, interpreting MRIs, and managing patients’ medical histories and their specialty visits, such as with dermatology appointments for example. From rooms that are equipped with sensors and specialized equipment, this new platform will even be able to provide comprehensive medical care: connecting with patients in-person in one place and finishing the diagnosis or treatment in another. Aboutti’s new proposal is a cost-effective way of detecting a patient’s state of health and ensuring their quality of life with help of technology.

2,500 patients from the Caribbean islands is how many patients our international business unit serves.