Aboutti is recognized for its innovation Aboutti is recognized for its innovation

The Aboutti business model was awarded for its innovative and disruptive global medical tourism service.

Aboutti.com, Coomeva Private Healthcare’s medical tourism marketplace, was given the Healthcare Revolution Innovation Award 2018 on October 30th. This award is given to companies in this industry with the most disruptive and innovative platforms, service models and business models.

This award comes after a careful deliberation and selection process of over one thousand companies that innovate to provide, facilitate and deliver healthcare services, making it one of the most innovative entities in this field in the world. Mauricio Castillo Pérez, Department Manager of Strategy and International Business, received the award in Orlando, Florida, during the 11th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress and the 10th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress. Each year these congresses bring together the global industry on healthcare, wellbeing and medical tourism. For this year’s edition, the event had more than 250 speakers who gave panels and talks and it was attended with the active presence of more than 2,000 industry leaders.


Jonathan Edelheit, Fundador & Presidente Global Health Resources y Medical Tourism Association; Mauricio Castillo Pérez, Gerente de Estrategia y Desarrollo de Negocios Sector Salud Coomeva, y Jenny Dodson, Executive Program Director of the Corporate Health & Wellness Association.

With this achievement, awarded by the Global Healthcare Resources organization, Aboutti.com has shown the industry that it is aware of the opportunities it has. In showing its capacity for disruption and innovation, it has also shown the industry that it can find positive solutions to challenges related to aspects of providing timely, clear, decisive, and user-friendly care that adapts to the channels that users use regularly.

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Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) is an international expert solutions firm that provides consulting to organizations and government agencies seeking strategy, development and market penetration services for medical care, medical and wellness tourism, employee benefits, insurance and precision medicine and genomics. GHR is connected to more than 2.5 million C-Suite, HR, insurance, health and travel executives and has a reach of more than 1.25 million members.

This award gives Aboutti.com a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry.