Active children against obesity Active children against obesity

Physical activity in children and teenagers is being relegated by the sedentary life style that currently prevails

“Obese and over weighted children trend to continue being obese in adult age and have more probabilities of suffering, in early years, from non-transmissible diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders”, informs the World Health Organization (    WHO) on its web site.

This is why it is very important that these children and teenagers perform physical activity during a total of 60 minutes every day; especially aerobic activity. It doesn’t matter if this hour of exercise is practiced in an uninterrupted manner, what is important is to accumulate that amount of activity during the day.

The entity explains that performing a suitable physical activity helps young people to:

  • Develop a healthy locomotor apparatus (bones, muscles and joints).
  • Potentiate a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Learn to control the neuro-muscle system (coordination and control of movements)
  • Maintain a healthy body weight and prevent obesity in this way.