Amblyopia in adults: Is there a cure? Amblyopia in adults: Is there a cure?

Also known as “lazy eye,” amblyopia is one of the most common vision problems among children.

According to MedlinePlus, amblyopia occurs when one of the eyes does not communicate well with the brain. As the U.S. National Eye Institute explains, treatment consists of making children use the affected eye more. One treatment option is to use an adhesive patch on the healthy eye.

The different treatment options that exist are more effective before children turn seven, “During a child’s first 6 to 9 years of life, the visual system develops rapidly. During this period of growth and development, complicated connections form between the eye and the brain.” Different specialty organizations have also conducted several studies to improve treatment options in patients who are as old as age 17.

Other publications mention treatment options for the adult population; however, the scientific community has yet to endorse them. “Currently, studies are very limited, and scientists do not know what the chances of treating amblyopia successfully in adults may be.”

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