An adjustment? Or an adjustment disorder? An adjustment? Or an adjustment disorder?

When a person states they are experiencing symptoms such as stress, sadness and hopelessness, they may be having difficulties dealing with a situation in their lives.

When these symptoms become a disorder, however, some of the most common events that can trigger this type of disorder include:

  •        The death of a loved one
  •        Divorce or relationship problems
  •        General life changes
  •        Illness or other health issues
  •        Moving to a different house or city
  •        Unexpected catastrophes
  •        Concerns about money

As the American Psychiatric Association explains, there is no way to predict why certain types of people affected by the same stress develop this disorder and others do not. If it is therefore important to be able to identify and recognize what is causing the suffering in order to learn how to manage it. Behaviors such as being defiant or impulsive, feeling nervous or tense, crying, feeling sad, isolating yourself, experiencing irregular heartbeats or experiencing other physical symptoms such as shakiness or muscle spasms may also be warning signs.

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