An allergy-free Halloween An allergy-free Halloween

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology offers some recommendations for keeping children healthy and allergy-free during the yearly celebration of Halloween.

  1. Do not allow children to eat any candy whose label does not clearly specify potential allergens. Make them bring home all the candy they collect and inspect it, or provide candy that is safe for children to eat at school.
  2. Does your child have asthma? If so, keep an inhaler with you when they go out trick-or-treating in case they are exposed to smoke machines or mold when they go to the different houses. With a child who wheezes, it is best for them to have a costume that uses a hat instead of a mask.
  3. Pay attention to their costumes. For example, it might be helpful for a child that has a metal allergy to use gloves. With a child that is susceptible to eczema, only use hypoallergenic face paint or do not use face paint at all. It is also important to read the labels of costumes to avoid materials such as latex, which can be problematic.

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