Another look on life Another look on life

Coomeva Private Healthcare  joins Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With a brave attitude, determined to fight for their lives, many women have faced being diagnosed with breast cancer and were able to defeat it. Their resilience, enthusiasm for achieving their goals, as well as the support and love of their family and friends were essential in overcoming the most adverse circumstances. Their life stories inspire us to never give up.

Love heals

This was one of the many lessons learned by Alexandra Utria during her procedure. She is a lawyer from Barranquilla, a Coomeva Private Healthcare user, who works as a public official. She is a travel enthusiast and her dreams also helped her fight her battle. “I would love to visit India and Italy – people are motivated by everything they want to do”, she comments. Alexandra has always been a very happy person and she tried to stay that way. She says, “I used my berets, smiled, and started to look at the illness in a different way. First, I embraced the condition and then I started to resurface. I decided to fight for my life”. Her family members, especially her sister, her mother, and her little niece were fundamental in her healing. Her biggest lesson: go back to the beginning, connect with nature, and think about herself. “Sometimes you put yourself in last place, you put off medical check-ups and time for joy. My experience allowed me to reflect, take life more lightly, not worry about nonsense, and focus on love”. Alexandra stresses the importance of listening to your body and giving yourself the care you deserve with good nutrition and preventative or timely check-ups. She sees her experience as a way to inspire others and as a teacher that led her to be who she is now.

A great lesson

“This experience will be like climbing Mount Everest, but you will have helpers that will carry your harness, your water, and everything you need. These helpers are your family, your friends, and your whole emotional support network”, they told Adriana Betancur, which she always kept in mind. Adriana is a librarian, a consultant for public libraries, and a Coomeva Private Healthcare user. She says that conversations with others broadened her mind with ideas and experiences that influenced her take on life. “Attitude is essential, not only in the acceptance of the diagnosis but also for healing”. In addition, she highlights the responsible and compassionate treatment she received. “I want to emphasize the importance of a good relationship between you as the patient and the healthcare staff because they help to keep your hope alive,” she states. After overcoming her treatment, Adriana continues to take preventative measures, with adjustments related to nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and leisure time. “The yoga and meditation classes I did helped me keep my mind open to learning. Doing activities I enjoyed such as reading, cooking, sewing, watching movies, and talking, were all essential in keeping my time during treatment bright”. Adriana explains that she is motivated by an ethical life, and that this spiritual objective will also have positive impacts on the physical.

What really matters

Paula Barona is a public accountant, a Coomeva Private Healthcare user, and works as the National Head of Customer Service at Coomeva Private Healthcare. “With my illness, I confirmed that Coomeva is the company I want to work for. I love it and I appreciate it for supporting me unconditionally at all times”,she says. During her process she did not want to have time off, but rather wanted to keep active, at her rhythm. “Going to work made me feel alive, it gave me motivation to say: I can get through this. It also helped me think about other things while I was doing my normal routine, and not concentrate on the cancer”.

She adds that her coworkers were like another family to her, always supportive and willing to give the best of them to make her feel better. Paula is married, she has two children and one granddaughter, who were her motor for moving forward. “Our relationships got even closer. The day I had to shave my head, my loved ones also shaved their heads. My mom took care of me all the time, and she never gave up”. Even though it was a difficult journey, Paula tried to keep positive thoughts. “You reaffirm your faith, you become more spiritual, you hold on to your core. You realize how important you are to others and appreciate every moment”. A year has passed since Paula finished her treatment, and she starts every day by being thankful for her existence, her family, her friends, her work, and for every opportunity. In addition to changes in nutrition, such as eating more fruit and vegetables and continuing her recommended check-ups, her attitude was transformed by letting go, and she can now focus on the good things and not worry about things that “aren’t worth it”.