Arthritis can also affect youth Arthritis can also affect youth

Arthritis can also affect youth

WITH YOUR BODY 2 July, 2016 María Alejandra Tavera

Grandparents or parents aren’t the only ones that can suffer from strong pain and other types of soreness in the joints, young adults may also suffer from these types of pains, known as arthritis.

Given the name juvenile arthritis, this disease mainly affects youth under the age of 16. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, this disorder occurs when the immune system, which normally serves to fight infections in the body, attacks the body’s healthy tissues. With a branch in Atlanta in the United States, the Arthritis Foundation states the following on its webpage: “The word arthritis means inflammation of the joints. This inflammation causes pain, stiffness, swelling, and reduces mobility.”

There is no easy way to detect whether a child or young adult has arthritis. The main signs that lead parents to take their child to a specialist to identify the type of arthritis the child has include constant inflammation of the joints, unexplainable rashes and fever. According to the Arthritis Foundation’s website, in order to reduce joint damage, an early diagnosis is important.

Living with Arthritis

Those who suffer from arthritis learn to live with inflammation of the joints, pain, sensitivity to touch and red skin. The webpage, MedlinePlus, explains that its symptoms may come and go. There are different types of therapies that allow the child to not have to experience drastic changes to their lifestyle nor be limited to carrying out their school activities. In order to ensure the quality of a child living with arthritis, it is important for the child to receive treatment from a multidisciplinary team consisting of a pediatric rheumatologist, a physical therapist and a psychologist, among other specialists.