Avoid cleaning products to intoxicate you Avoid cleaning products to intoxicate you

Cleaning products can contain toxic substances that affect the health of your family members.

Oven and sewage cleaners, powder detergents, floor waxes, paint, grease and oxide dissolvers and removers, pesticides, motor oil and fuel additives, art and handcraft materials are some of the products that can harm if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin.

The United States National Library of Medicine explains that people usually affect in different ways, which includes birth defects or other brain problems. In order to avoid them, it is recommended to keep such products in their original containers and use them as provided in their labels.

Store in a same place those materials that can be dangerous, a place out of children reach, and ventilated. Also remember, that aerosol cans, lacquer for hair, deodorant, nail varnish and remover are also classified in the category of harmful materials.

Take into account

  • Do not smoke while using home chemical products.
  • Do not use such products close to fire (example, a pilot flame, a lighted candle, a fire place, a wood stove, etc.)
  • If a chemical product spills, immediately clean.
  • Properly dispose the harmful materials. Inquiry if there is a waste collection program for harmful home wastes in your area.

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