Avoid lower back pain at home Avoid lower back pain at home

A common ailment during quarantine is lower back pain due to bad posture. Learn how to prevent it.

One recurring activity these days is teleworking, which is why people have had to adapt spaces in their homes to use as an office, even though in some cases, these spaces are not suitable for ensuring the best conditions for maintaining good physical health. According to the website Medline Plus, the area of the back which is most commonly affected is the lumbar region because that is where most of the body’s weight is held when sitting or lying down.

 Recommendations for preventing this type of pain while you are at home are:

– Avoid using the chairs in the dining or living room to work, use chairs ergonomically designed for this purpose.

– When resting, make sure your whole back rests completely, avoiding positions with curvature of the spine.

– Create a working space different from your dining room table, and ensure that the table size is right for your arms.

– When playing with your kids, do not overexert yourself by picking them up or by doing things in potentially harmful positions.

–  Try not to overload your body with more than two exercise routines per day.

 It is very important to take breaks after every three or four hours of work to stretch mainly your arms, back, and neck, since these are the areas that absorb daily stress. Another recommendation is combining daily exercises with meditation or yoga routines to lower stress levels, which also impact your lower back. This way you can continue spending time with your family and working from home without affecting your health.

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