Avoiding naps could help better resting Avoiding naps could help better resting

If you have frequent problems to induce sleep at night, follow the recommendations below:

The two first advices provided by the Sleep National Foundation are always going to bed and wake up at the same times, as well as leaving bed if you can’t get slept. In addition, this foundation provides the following tips for being able to achieve a good rest.

  •   Reading a book or a magazine.
  •   Drinking something warm without caffeine, such as hot milk or an herb tea.
  •   Taking a hot shower or bath
  •   Listen soft music or an audiobook
  •   Counting backwards from 300, 3 by 3
  •   Meditating
  •   Tension each group of muscles for one or two seconds, starting with your feet and going up to your head, and the relax them.
  •   Practicing abdominal breathing. Put your hand on your belly, inhaling allowing the movement to push your hand out as your belly rises. Chest should not move.

Attempt to limit your night plans; allow time for a relaxing ritual at the time of going to bed; practice physical exercise; limit your naps, as well as caffeine and alcohol consumption; stop smoking; avoid eating before going to sleep. These are other recommendations that will allow a good sleep hygiene.

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