Back pain: prevent this pain to become a problem Back pain: prevent this pain to become a problem

Situations exist, such as a muscle jerk, a disk problem, a fracture or a tumor that can result in back pain.

The National Institute of Arthritis and Muscle – Skeletal and Skin Diseases states that this kind of affectation varies from a light and constant pain to sudden acute grips that make movement difficult. It can appear suddenly, as a result of a fall or rising something very heavy and little by little gets worse.

  • Acute pain is the most common type and lasts less than six weeks. The chronic pain can occur fast or gradually, and lasts long time, generally more than three months.
  • Anyone can suffer from back pain. However, some factors exist that increase the risk, such as having a poor physical condition, overweight, hereditary factors, some other diseases such as arthritis and cancer, some types of work that imply rising, pushing and pulling, and smoking too.
  • Pain can be alleviated, even without knowing its cause. It is important to make use of posture hygiene and stretching guidelines in order to achieve such alleviation. The treatment generally depends on the type of pain.
  • Exercising, suitably feeding and using hot and cold packs, help reducing the pain on the body affected zone.

Take into account

 Flexions, stretching your back and hip muscles, and strengthening stomach and glutei muscles strengthen those muscles that support the backbone.

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