Ballet Fit: A different way to exercise Ballet Fit: A different way to exercise

This new combination of dance, yoga and pilates can be a fun exercise alternative.

Ballet Fit focuses on improving elasticity and flexibility, improving balance and toning the body. It is also an excellent alternative for shaping the body, as it works the muscles and sculpts the legs.

You don’t need experience in classical ballet to be able to do Ballet Fit, and it’s appropriate for people of any age, sex or physical condition. Pregnant women can also partake through specific programs that boast numerous benefits for them.

It also has the benefit of bringing out your artistic side. According to  Spanish dancer Gloria Morales, promoter of Ballet Fit across the globe, this new form of exercise incorporates the most elegant movements of ballet which is then reflected in your posture, body and attitude. The methodology combines pop music of varying intensity and rhythmic classical music.

You can do Ballet Fit anywhere. Instagram pages like this one  offer recommendations and basic exercises to try at home.

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