Basic skin care Basic skin care

Basic skin care

Self-Care 5 September, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

Maintaining positive skin hygiene practices is important, as during the day it accumulates grease, dust, bacteria and environmental contaminants that can affect its glow. 

The dermatology department from the La Paz de Madrid Hospital lists the main mistakes people make when caring for their skin.

  •        Going to bed without washing your face. Each night, before going to bed, it is important to remove the dead skills that accumulate on the skin’s surface.
  •        Not using sunscreen. Sun is the main cause of aging skin and serious diseases such as melanoma.
  •        Popping acne. Especially blackheads or whiteheads, as these tend to cause inflammation and infections, leaving scars behind.
  •        Not getting enough sleep. In a study conducted by the European academy of dermatology, 12 volunteers were deprived of sleep for a period of 8 hours. The study showed the appearance of fine wrinkles, bags under the eyes and swollen eyes as well as paler skin. (Also read: Turn sleeping into a ritual)
  •        Appropriate use of shampoo. This eliminates the grease produced by the sebaceous glands, where dead or dirty cells, or hairspray or gel substances can become trapped. This buildup should be eliminated not just for aesthetic purposes, as they can contain microorganisms, leading to infection.