Be aware of air contamination in interiors Be aware of air contamination in interiors

Remember that air inside your home or office can also be contaminated.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America, identifies tobacco smoke, mold, pollen, pesticides, gases such as radon, stove and heating fuels, paint vapors and construction materials as contamination sources inside the homes and work places. Likewise, the Lung European Foundation states that more than 900 compounds have been detected in interior spaces, which are between 2 and 5 times more concentrated than outdoors.

At the long term, these substances can cause allergies, respiratory diseases and even cancer. For preventing the above, be sure that your home or work place are well ventilated, do not use strong paints or cleaners, also detail if there is humidity in roofs or walls, and follow the air quality advices given by the local health entities.

Take into account

The contamination of interior air is the eighth risk factor for respiratory diseases, according to the Lung European Foundation.

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