Before going grocery shopping, have a plan so you can make the right food choices Before going grocery shopping, have a plan so you can make the right food choices

Learn the tips that will help you know when and what is really necessary to eat while in confinement, and help prevent you from eating out of anxiety. 

Over the last few weeks in which the majority of people worldwide have found refuge in their homes to protect their health, issues related to eating habits have also come to light, for example being overweight and anxiety directly related to excessive consumption of unhealthy food at home. The WHO has made this issue a matter of global concern, and has created a valuable guide with health and nutrition tips to follow during this period of confinement:

Make a plan when you go shopping: the fear of running out of food at home has led people to buy things out of fear, which is why it is important to make a list of what you really need so you do not buy foods with a high sugar content or that expire soon.

Use fresh ingredients: Give priority to foods with a shorter shelf life, such as fruit and vegetables, in every meal. You can also freeze pulps and other types of food to conserve their nutrients for a longer time.

Learn about portion size: Determine beforehand if what you are preparing is for the whole family or just for you, and do not store prepared foods in your refrigerator for more than 36 hours before eating.

Do not feed your anxiety: Set a time for your three main meals, and if you eat between these times, make sure you are eating fruit or foods rich in fiber and drinking a lot of water. Eat less than you normally do, since you have a lower caloric expenditure.

By following these practical tips, you will notice that your nutrition and that of your family will improve by making more rational purchases and consuming foods because your body needs them and not as a result of anxiety caused by prolonged confinement thus reducing the risk of being overweight. The positive effects on your health are so important that continuing this routine when our lives go back to normal is recommended.

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