Being an introvert has its benefits Being an introvert has its benefits

For Susan Cain, author of the book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” these types of personalities process thoughts and emotions in a deeper way.

While being shy is the fear of being judged by society, being an introvert is a person that feels comfortable in peaceful places with few people. It is about how an individual responds to different stimuli. In contrast to extroverts that find comfort in open spaces interacting with others, introverts feel more active and capable in private spaces, explains author Susan Cain.

These definitions are not always consistent, as introverts do not always have a consistent desire to be alone. The idea is to try to leave judgments and negative connotations behind about these personality types and understand that just how they can interact socially, they may also need to disconnect to feel okay and develop their thoughts.

In order to break down stereotypes and promote the acceptance of introverts among society, Susan Cain highlights their abilities to work in a team and take on leadership roles in academic settings and workplace environments, as they are careful when giving their opinion, have the ability to listen to others and can perform tasks independently.