Being grateful is also beneficial to your health Being grateful is also beneficial to your health

Giving thanks is more than just an act of being polite. Recent research explains that this brings positive effects on a person’s physical and mental health.

In the past few years, different institutes from around the world have focused on discovering what is behind gratitude and how it benefits our health. As the United States psychotherapist Amy Morin explains, gratitude is one of the easiest ways to increase the feeling of satisfaction we have with our lives. Similarly, the official journal of the Psychological Science organization recommends keeping a gratitude journal.

Dr. Robert Emmons is one of the scientists that has focused his work on researching gratitude from different perspectives. The following are some of the findings from his research:

  • Practicing gratitude helps reduce stress and strengthens our emotional intelligence.
  • Gratitude has also proven to catalyze positive emotions during traumatic events.
  • Children that practice grateful thinking have a more positive attitude at school, towards being disciplined and in relating with other children and family members.
  • Gratitude helps fight depression and improves the quality of your sleep.