The benefits of reading to children The benefits of reading to children

International Children’s Book Day, held on April 2, and World Book Day, held on April 23, both help us keep the benefits of reading during childhood in mind. 

In addition to awakening their creativity and giving them the ability to daydream, reading brings many other benefits to children. Specifically, it increases their ability to concentrate and encourages the exchange of information and knowledge. The regular practice of reading, even if it is just one page, gives them enough tools to expand their vocabulary, and as a result, allows them to express themselves and connect with their surroundings.

The webpage Guía Infantil, which offers expert advice to its target audience, invites parents to make this practice a habit for their children through the methods of reading out loud and through challenges that make them read to themselves or with someone else once a day. Édison Benavides, physician and author of the book Lectura rápida a su alcance, explains that when a child reads, they become a more creative, educated, unimpressionable, up to date, productive and skilled person that is equipped with the tools to succeed in life.

Other reasons why this practice benefits children:

  1.   Helps them improve their spelling and writing
  2.   Enriches their vocabulary
  3.   Develops their creativity
  4.   Brings up questions that require them to reflect
  5.   Improves their mood
  6.   Provides them with information and knowledge
  7.   Serves as entertainment

Recommended reading topics, by age:

  • One-year olds: The most appropriate books for this age group are illustrated books that have very few words. These illustrations help the child to begin to pronounce some words.
  • Two or three-year olds: This age group loves short and simple stories about activities from daily life.
  • Four-year olds: At this age, parents can already begin to tell their children longer stories. They begin to like fairy tales.
  • Five or six-year olds: Children’s imaginations are more developed by now, which is why they begin to like stories about kings, queens and other characters that combine history and fantasy.