The physical and emotional benefits of yoga The physical and emotional benefits of yoga

Practicing yoga not only makes you more physically flexible, it also helps you find peace and balance and allows you to free yourself from damaging and toxic states of being.

Yoga helps transform the mind and creates a solid foundation to leading a healthier and more harmonious life. Dora Leyland Ortiz, a yoga instructor at Sri Lankha Yoga and Smartworkout, explains how yoga can help people learn the difference between what things bring wellbeing to life and what things do not. She emphasizes, “It has many emotional benefits including freedom from emotional attachments, lower levels of depression and anxiety, improved self-esteem, strengthened interpersonal relationships, and developing the ability to feel compassion, love, peace and level-headedness.”

A constant improvement of your physical appearance can also be observed. As the specialist explains, its main benefits include strength and muscle toning, flexibility, improved balance, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, better posture, correct posture, and it aids the digestive process, among other processes. Read also: Tips for doing yoga, the right way

It is important to clarify that the purpose of yoga is not to lose weight, even if there are people who have that goal. As Leyland explains, “Being in good physical condition is part of improving your quality of life; and when I refer to ‘good physical condition,’ I am not referring to vanity, I am referring to good health. And of course yoga will help you lose weight, I can tell you that from personal experience as it helps improve your metabolism and control your thyroid gland (for those who may suffer from a thyroid problem). To lose weight, however, this practice must go along with a healthy and balanced diet, eating in moderation, avoiding the consumption of junk food and sodas, and eating vegetables, proteins, grains and fruits as your essential foods.”