Biking around, but safely Biking around, but safely

For many people, the bicycle is essential these days, whether as a form of transportation or simply for exercise. Here are some recommendations for making biking safer.

Many people are enjoying going back outside after strict confinement due to the global pandemic. Measures are a bit more relaxed now and allow for a return to pedaling in the street. Some people have thus opted to do so to get to work, or they do it as a recreational activity to stay healthy. This is a good option, but it requires a few precautions to reduce the risk of infection.

A report published by Saludando, a website from the School of Medicine at Universidad de Antioquia, offers advice on using the “iron horse” during this time and containing COVID-19. Here are a few recommendations:

  • To the extent possible, try to always use a mask covering your nose and mouth.
  • Both the bicycle and protective gear (helmet, gloves, reflective vest, etc.) must be disinfected before and after every trip, in addition to being of individual use and not shared with anyone.
  • The handlebars are the most important part because of their continuous contact with the hands; try to keep anyone else from touching them and disinfect them regularly.
  • Distancing is still important. Stay a minimum of 2 meters (about 6 feet) away from other cyclists and avoid group outings.
  • Be careful when approaching vehicles, as those inside may stick their heads out to cough or sneeze without warning.
  • Wash hands with soap and water upon arrival at your destination.

In addition to the above, exercise basic caution: respect traffic signs and pedestrians, use the right-hand lane or bike lanes, maintain moderate speeds, and use reflective or illuminated gear at night. In short, do not run unnecessary risks.

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