Liquid biopsies and detecting lung cancer early Liquid biopsies and detecting lung cancer early

There is more than just one type of lung cancer. Scientific research about this disease has allowed us to understand much more about this condition, which can have several different causes and comes in different forms.

Lung cancer is not just caused by tobacco use, there are several causes of it, including genetics. Currently, advances in medicine have brought us a new way to detect this type of cancer early: a liquid biopsy. This type of biopsy allows for genetic mutations to be detected more easily and is less invasive. Originally, lung tissue was needed to do a biopsy. Now, a liquid biopsy can be done with a blood test.

“Innovations in detecting lung cancer, such as a liquid biopsy, help to diagnose patients at an early stage of the disease. Currently, 77% of patients are diagnosed with lung cancer at an advanced stage, when there are lower chances of surviving,” explains Dr. Daniel Ciriana, Medical Director of Roche Latin America. “Detecting and classifying lung cancer early help to establish treatments that are adapted to fit a specific type of the disease. This is an area of oncology that is also in the process of experiencing a great amount of innovation,” he adds.

Treatment can therefore cater to the specifications of each type of cancer and can help provide secondary prevention with an early diagnosis.

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