Biting your nails reveals your emotional state Biting your nails reveals your emotional state

Biting your nails reveals your emotional state

Prevention 19 August, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

A person who bites their nails can end up removing them and leaving the skin underneath exposed. This habit is known as onychophagy.

For this reason, biting one’s nails regularly is not a normal action, and in some cases, it is a psychological disease that requires medical intervention.

Thus, besides affecting the aesthetic shape of the fingers and the presentation of the hands, the website Webconsultas warns that this bad habit is associated with a person’s emotional imbalance, which is manifested through states of anxiety, nervousness, anguish, stress, or pressure. This can cause paronychia, a bacterial infection that is also known as whitlow or felon, and it can also wear down the teeth or their enamel due to the repetitive action of biting.

Whether mild or chronic, if a person has the habit of biting their nails, they must act soon to correct it. Remember that healthy nails say a lot about a person, and they prevent bacteria found in the fingers from passing to the mouth and producing diseases.

About nails

  • Nails are sheets of keratin. They are found at the ends of the hands and feet.
  • They belong to one of the most sensitive and important organs: the fingertips.

Biting one’s nails may affect the ability to grab objects with the hands, and the sense of touch may also be lost due to the pain caused by the loss of the fingernail.