Blood transfusions are vital Blood transfusions are vital

Blood transfusions are vital

Armony in health 11 August, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Blood transfusions are a common hospital procedure in  cases where patients have experienced blood loss.

The procedure is performed in emergency situations, or, in some cases, to provide treatment for diseases such as cancer. That is why it is so important to donate blood, to replenish blood banks should the need for transfusions arise in a society.

The KidsHealth website explains that the circulatory system is like the transport system of our body. As blood circulates, it distributes oxygen and nutrients, and collects all the waste produced in our body to take it to the organs responsible for eliminating it.

Blood is important in that it is a mix of cells and liquid, and each component plays a specific function in the human body. Blood is made up of:

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s tissues and remove carbon dioxide.

White blood cells protect the body against infection by producing antibodies, which help destroy foreign microorganisms in the body.

Platelets are cell fragments that help blood clot, which helps to prevent and control bleeding.

Plasma is the liquid part of our blood, and contains a mixture of water, proteins, electrolytes, carbohydrates, cholesterol, hormones, and vitamins.

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When a person donates blood, they will be subject to a testing period to verify that they will not transmit any infectious diseases, as well as to determine their blood type.