Break a habit to achieve balance Break a habit to achieve balance

Why is it so hard to follow a healthy diet or exercise routine?

As the website TeensHealth states, humans are creatures of habit: “We tend to get settled into established, fixed ways of doing or thinking about things. Old habits can be hard to break.”

In situations when a change must be made, having a therapist can provide patients with support. These professionals are trained to understand how people feel, think and act, helping them control their cravings or binge eating. It is important, however, to understand that these are life decisions that can offer significant benefits over a long period of time. Willpower therefore plays a fundamental role, as well as discipline and determination.

Some recommendations for achieving such goals include:

  •    Knowing how to deal with cravings, overeating, eating too fast or unnecessary snacking between meals.
  •    Developing new habits about what foods to choose, portion size, and where and when to eat.
  •    Paying attention as you eat to enjoy your meal and feel satisfied, but not full, at the end of a meal.
  •    Developing new thought patterns that encourage you to keep new habits.
  •    Adopting a routine that includes time for daily exercise.

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