Ideas for breaking up your routine Ideas for breaking up your routine

Investing in your mental health and putting a stop to daily tasks are very important. Do activities that help you relax.

Medical Advisor: Isabel Cristina Castrillón. Psychologist

Some of the recommended activities for improving mental health are music therapy, drawing, painting mandalas, meditating or reading. Having good mental health should be understood not as the absence of disease or problems, but as the ability to be okay in different circumstances and to function in work, academic and family environments and in interpersonal relationships.

To be at peace mentally and emotionally, it is important to distance yourself from those everyday duties and activities that generally involve using electronic tools or technology. This change in activity can be achieved through activities that are completely different from your daily tasks.

“These types of activities allow us to disconnect from technology, and allow us to reconnect with ourselves -in the here and now- or even with other people or with nature,” explains psychologist Isabel Cristina Castrillón.
These exercises should be paired with a healthy diet, enough sleep and regular exercise. The correct implementation of these healthy life practices will help keep the brain in balance and will positively impact people’s quality of life and their ability to concentrate and analyze. These practices will also allow the individual to spend time on themselves and get to know themselves better.

“Many people that receive psychotherapy practice mindfulness to learn to accept their emotions and use the five senses in their daily lives,” Castrillón states.

Taking a break from your routine should be done regularly with the purpose of positively effecting your quality of life, not avoiding real-life situations. These activities should be understood as tools that help us increase our perception of wellbeing, disconnect us from the everyday demands of life and that help us face the fast-paced life that we currently lead.

What are the best ways to do this?

The following activities are not classified by how effective they are. They represent people’s actual preferences and reactions. The recommendation is to find a hobby or therapy that completely removes you from your daily routine and stimulates your brain to activate your senses and achieve a higher state of relaxation.
Practice mindfulness
Being mindful is as simple as closing your eyes and noticing your breath. Try to inhale while taking ten steps, holding your breath for two seconds, and breathing out while counting to ten again.

You can find coloring books that include anything from cities to gardens or mandalas. Choosing the tones and using the coloring pencils are stress-reducing activities. You can color alone or with friends.

Music therapy
Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable activities out there. You may use headphones and listen to a long song or choose a specific genre.

Being in contact with nature is an excellent way to spend hours creating and to improve your wellbeing. It is also an opportunity to be active and get exercise such as walking.

YouTube has several tutorials that explain how to use fountain pens or markers that can help you develop your own creativity. It is an excellent therapy for disconnecting from the digital world.