Bronchiolitis: Warning Signs Bronchiolitis: Warning Signs

Bronchiolitis is a very common reason for babies under age one to be hospitalized, and its complications can be serious. 

This condition generally affects children under age two, and most commonly occurs when children are between three and six months old. Bronchiolitis is a virus that is transmitted through direct contact with other people that have a common cold or flu.

Some of its most common symptoms include difficulty breathing, dry cough, excessive nasal drip (on occasion), heavy breathing, irritability, low appetite and a fever higher than 100° F. According to indications from a La Sabana University Clinic report, these symptoms can initially be treated at home.

According to the specialized website Medline Plus, “Breathing often gets better by the third day and symptoms mostly clear within a week. In rare cases, pneumonia or more severe breathing problems develop.”

Careful attention should be paid to the following warning signs however, in which case urgent care treatment should be sought:

  • Fever that lasts longer than three days
  • Difficulty breathing and/or eating
  • Complete refusal to drink liquids
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blueish skin due to a lack of oxygen

Certain risk factors can increase the chances of getting this condition, some of which include: being born earlier than 37 weeks, being exposed to the smoke from a fire or cigarette smoke and not being breastfed.