Building a relationship of trust Building a relationship of trust

Building a relationship of trust

CORPORATE 28 September, 2018 Ana María López de Mesa

At Coomeva Medicina Prepagada, we continue to evolve so we can be there for our users all throughout their lives.

Jorge Alberto Zapata Builes 

General Manager, Coomeva Private Healthcare

After 45 years of history, of great achievements, of receiving high-quality and renowned certifications for its services, and strengthening its portfolio of products, Coomeva Medicina Prepagada is reformulating its organizational strategy to continue supporting users and their families to improve their quality of life and wellbeing. As the General Manager of Coomeva Medicina Prepagada explains, “All of this builds a greater sense of trust among our employees, service providers and users so they can have a better experience with our programs, which are designed to fit their needs.” Founded on self-care, education and disease prevention, Zapata explains the objectives that are central to Coomeva… Because we know that Your Health and Loving Yourself is key.

  • What is the differential value of Coomeva Medicina Prepagada?

“The relationship we have with our users is what we value most. We are not just a healthcare company that sells products and charges fees. Our added value is that we provide a service model in which we support our users through a trust-building process; this is how we get to know people and advise them on ways they can change their habits to improve their quality of life. We also want to make sure that our users are getting the healthcare needs that are right for them, and when necessary, get them approved for surgery, recommend the best physician or clinic, and support them through surgeries and the recovery process that follows.”

  • Is the digital transformation of its products also part of this differential value?

“Yes. It consists of two major revolutions that are both connected: the digital revolution and the knowledge revolution. We believe that all of our employees, affiliates and physicians should have all the resources to become trained and aware of how to use social networks and technology so they can become familiar with approving an authorization through an app, as well as have the option of going to patient points-of-service. So it is not just about updating a platform, but about being there for our users and partners every second and every step of the way.”

  • What is in store for Coomeva Medicina Prepagada future?

“While the idea in 1973 was to provide healthcare services at a higher quality, today our focus includes important issues such as risk management; which in addition to involving education and prevention, this also involves the issue of health prediction. This is why Your Health and Loving Yourself will be such an important strategy for the next 50 years, providing people of all ages with the opportunity to find services that meet their needs.

You do not have to wait to be sick to see a sports medicine doctor or a nutritionist, or wait to become a patient to get checkups. While we continue to provide traditional services such as disease control checkups, we also have products that can improve people’s lives, shape their lifestyles and help them attain greater well-being.”

In numbers

  • Over 6,500 medical institutions and healthcare facilities are located throughout Colombia.
  • There are over 349,000 Coomeva Medicina Prepagada users in Colombia.

Certifications, acknowledgements and other conditions we have received

  • Equipares Gender Equality Certification: Silve
  • Exporter’s seal for health and wellbeing services – ProColombia and Andi included Coomeva Private Healthcare and Aboutti as model companies for developing a digital marketplace in the management of healthcare services for international patients.

Digital platforms

Our digital platforms include: My Story Coomeva Medicina Prepagada; Sara, our Virtual Assistant; our Virtual Office; our Mobile App and our online Medical Directory.

Historic milestones

  • 1973: Coomeva Medicina Prepagada starts as part of a healthcare program of Cooperativa Médica del Valle.
  • 1986: our Oral Health Program begins.
  • 1991: we start to offer programs with100% coverage: Classic, Silver and Gold.
  • 1993: our promotion and prevention units begin to operate.
  • 1997: the divestiture of Private Healthcare Program is approved and it is established as a limited company.
  • 2002: Coomeva Medical Emergency (CEM) starts to operate.
  • 2003: the processes of the CEM line of services are certified.
  • 2004: the processes of the Oral Health and Integral Medicine lines of service are certified.
  • 2008: new Integral Medicine programs are launched: Gold Plus, Associate, Young Silver and Special Traditional.
  • 2010: modular products are filed with the Colombian Superintendent of Health and the Dental Elite program is launched.
  • 2016: the Coomeva Medicina Prepagada – CHRISTUS Health strategic alliance is formed.
  • 2017: the e-commerce platform opens: Aboutti: It’s about you, It’s about your health.
  • 2018: our technology platform and electronic services are established and implemented.