Bursitis: Learn about joint pain Bursitis: Learn about joint pain

When you experience joint pain, multiple causes may be involved such as strain, sprains and fractures. Sometimes, however, other areas are also affected known as bursas.

As stated on the webpage for MedlinePlus, a bursa is a small sac that protects and cushions the bones as well as other body parts such as the muscles, tendons and skin.

According to the Yale School of Medicine in Connecticut, United States, these sacs can become inflamed, causing bursitis. While this can have a variety of causes, the most common include bad posture, an injury, a blow to the area or a rheumatic disease (a group of symptoms related to pain in the human musculoskeletal system).

How this affects the body

Professors from Yale explain that the pain caused by this condition can be so strong that it can become impossible to move the joint. This can make it impossible to perform everyday activities, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the joint that is affected.

Remember: Regardless of their age, both men and women can experience bursitis; however, those who perform very repetitive movements at work or when they play sports are more likely to have it.

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