Called on to create and capture ideas Called on to create and capture ideas

Even though many people think they are not creative, in reality this capability is inherent in all human beings.

Medical advisor Juan José Cadavid Ochoa
Graphic designer and doctorate in Humanities

Creativity is part of us and is applicable to everything. Yes, creativity is a capability inherent in all human beings and we can see the world through it in any ambiance and sense. How do we do it? Being aware of its existence is the first step. It happens when an individual understands his creative potential as a primordial source for recognition of his individuality and from there he decides to construct with others. The second step is to free himself from prejudices because many people do not make use of it by following limiting concepts imposed by our culture or education that established a division between creative and rational people, mathematicians and artists.

“The truth is that all human beings have conditions both on a sensitive and a rational sphere. Sensitivity and creativity are part of us; the thing is that we have not worked on this capability and this strength,” says Juan José Cadavid Ochoa, Director of the Escuela de Pensamiento Creativo de la Colegiatura Colombiana Institute for Higher Education,  “Creative people,” he adds “are the ones that allow the world to change.”

Humanity’s great transformations have happened because of creative thinking, because of ideas that may seem impossible but that have generated change and evolution in man. It has been due to concepts that have been branded as madness. There is still another prejudice that must be put aside and that is the idea that creativity is the result of magic states of inspiration, of muses that only visit a few when in reality it is a strength that needs to be worked on in order to be able to express itself in forms and concepts, in every day actions. It requires seeing life from different angles than those we are accustomed to. It implies movement. That is why one reaches a third step: stimulating creativity.

Creative Ideas

“The event itself of having an idea is a creative act,” Director of the School for Creative Thinking assures us. “It may be a new, innovative, recurrent idea or one that superimposes itself in a previous one and that transforms, improves and makes for a new standpoint from a different place. But all these ideas are the product of creativity. One may have ideas that are considered more viable than others. But those which are not so viable give impulse to the intention they hold,” he makes clear. “Understanding that those ideas do not work is a fundamental part of the creative process. Those ideas are the ones we have to look over carefully so that from those ideas we can generate others that will allow us to advance towards the goal we have set.”

Curiosity is also a determining factor. Searching and knowing that there is not only a single way of doing things or that there is only one truth is key. Experiencing a certain amount of dissatisfaction makes the individual move, connect with others. And this is more so in these times when information is on hand and knowledge is not the exclusive property of a few. We are then called on to by dynamic, to transform, to being creative.

Leaving your comfort zone changing your ambiance, trying out different things, honoring intuition, searching for several options, justifying your efforts and acting are some of the commandments of creativity.

Keys to creative thinking

1. From inside to outside

Each person must transform using creativity to make a better version of him. A version that is more aware, sincere and honest taking into account that he is and accepting differences. In that way he can become an agent of change.

2. With others

Connect with those who think different, those who possess different knowledge and who feel differently. Creative thinking strengthens with multiplicity and use of inter-disciplinary studies.

3. Imagine 

Creativity allows human beings to design different future scenarios through the exercise of the imagination. It also allows for putting strategies in action to reach any scenario.


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