Changing your routine can help with weight loss Changing your routine can help with weight loss

Why is it so hard to lead a healthy diet or follow an exercise regime? Why do we quit and return to our old habits? 

The webpage MedlinePlus, explains that humans tend to establish fixed ways of thinking about things, which is why it can be difficult to break old habits. Losing weight, for example, can involve changing several different routines at the same time.

The recommendation is to see a weight loss specialist that can help the person understand how to feel, think, act and interact with others. This can also help the patient develop a healthier lifestyle and establish new ways of thinking that helps welcome change.

It is therefore important to:

  • Know how to deal with cravings, the need to eat more than necessary, eat too quickly or control unnecessary snacking between meals.
  • Develop new habits on what foods you can eat, how much portions to serve yourself and where and when you should eat.
  • Be conscious while you eat in order to enjoy it and be satisfied after eating healthy.
  • Create new patterns of thinking that encourage the patient to continue.
  • Adopt a daily routine that includes time for physical exercise.

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