Can I suffer depression and anxiety simultaneously? Can I suffer depression and anxiety simultaneously?

Although they are different affections, the depressive and anxious patterns can simultaneously occur.

Clinically, these are two mental disorders with different symptoms, characteristics and treatments. However, their crossing within a single diagnostic is common, presenting anxiety as a symptom of depression or, otherwise, depression as a result of an anxiety that is not treated on time, explains the Mayo Clinic.

Although, up to a certain point, the anxiety is a normal condition that a large majority of the population may suffer in any moment of their life as a logic response to determined events. When anxiety becomes chronic, and maintains a long time and its symptoms intensify affecting daily life, we start talking about a disorder that affects the mental health of the individual who suffers it.

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Different types of anxiety exist; from the one related to a phobia as it is the social anxiety, up to the anxieties associated to panic crisis, post-traumatic stress, a separation, or, the so-called generalized anxiety. The way in which any of these modalities affect the life of an individual can lead to depression, although both pathologies can simultaneously occur within an anxious-depressive pattern.

When both disorders are present, it is important to determine which one is the primary one and which one is the secondary one. Psychologic advisory, in any of the cases, changes in life style, and seeking specialized help will improve these conditions and avoid their transcending in magnitude.