Caring for your eye health Caring for your eye health

The eyes are the first organ of the human body to show clinical signs of aging. 

Signs of their deterioration first begin at age 50 and tend to consist of a loss of the elasticity of the lens and nearsightedness.

According to a report from the Clínica Baviera, the most common age-related problem is presbyopia (eyestrain), which becomes worse in people who already have eye conditions, such as myopia. Another age-related condition is dry eyes, known as dry eye syndrome (DES). This occurs when there is a lack of tears and is more common in women, who are subject to greater hormonal changes. Also read: Dry eye syndrome (article in Spanish).

There are also external factors that contribute to this organ’s health. When the eyes are overexposed to the sun, the cells in the eye lens that are damaged from ultraviolet (UVA) rays do not regenerate, in contrast to what happens with the skin. The retina can also be affected. The general recommendation is to use dark sunglasses.

It is important for people to be aware of problems such as difficulty seeing things close up, difficulty adapting to excessive light or not being able to distinguish certain colors. These are clear signs of having poor vision due to aging eyes. Treating this early can help prevent this condition from affecting a person’s quality of life. Also read: Presbyopia: aging eyes.