Catch Speech Problems Among Children On Time Catch Speech Problems Among Children On Time

Catch Speech Problems Among Children On Time

Small giants 5 August, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Speaking is one of the main forms of communication and the first year of a child’s life is extremely important in the process of obtaining oral language.

Some of the causes behind not reaching proper development include hearing impairments (deafness), voice disorders (dysphonia or impairments due to a cleft lip or palate), stuttering, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and brain injuries.

According to the webpage, kidshealth, some children develop speech more slowly than normal. In order to determine if it is necessary to seek professional assistance, it is recommended that parents observe whether there are other areas of development that experience delays in the child’s first years.

“Cooing and babbling are the first stages of speech development. When babies get older they begin to join sounds together, to incorporate different speech intonations and to say words like mama and dada. Before the end of their first year, the children should be responsive to sound and begin to recognize the names of everyday objects,” explains the webpage that specializes in topics for children.

The webpage, MedlinePlus, warns that some speech and communication problems can be genetic. The webpage also explains that in their first year of school, speech and language therapy may be useful as approximately 5% of children have notable speech issues.