Change your look at any age Change your look at any age

Being fashionable and keeping your vanity helps maintain your self-esteem in old age.

Advisor: María Francisca Echeverri Harry
Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Specialist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare

If anything is out of style it is believing that there is a time limit on trying a new hairstyle, giving yourself pretty clothes, or staying in shape. Loving yourself and looking good in the mirror every morning have a direct relationship with a happy old age.

Nurturing vanity, no matter your age, is not a superficial matter. Doctor María Francisca Echeverri Harry, a specialist in geriatrics, agrees that there are no excuses for abandoning and neglecting how you project yourself to others, as this helps maintain your self-esteem as an adult.

“Self-esteem cannot be lost because it is the only thing that makes you an independent and invaluable individual. You should not tell yourself or let yourself be convinced by the thought, “what for?” she says.

Being fashionable

Just as an older adult is recommended to take advantage of old  age to cultivate hobbies related to art, reading, friends, sports, or family spaces, it is also important to suggest they devote part of this time to caring for their personal image and pampering themselves, even if they use devices to help them with a disability.

“People have to allow themselves certain things. Wear jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts. Dress in things that make your feel comfortable and fashionable, and do not let your children or other people around you impose on what clothes you want to wear just because they think it is not age appropriate,” states the doctor.

Many older people give up on feeling pretty and taking care of themselves when they reach this stage because culturally, we have the idea that older adults lose the right to worry about their appearance. However, we have now begun to understand that this is not the case. Vanity that does not overflow into egoism is great for supporting self-esteem at any age.

Nowadays it is easy to find options that encourage older adults to be fashionable, with color and design that make them look confident and happy with their appearance.

“Fortunately, the industry stopped thinking that clothes for people over 50 should be sad and dark and void of any style,” states Doctor Echeverri Harry.

In addition to their outfits, the doctor states that the way their hair looks also has an impact on how they see themselves in the mirror. She insists on taking good care of it so that this does not become a simple expression of their personality.

Depending on their hair type, men and women can try different styles, colors, and cuts that give them volume and movement. Also, skin treatments are beneficial, and for the women that wore makeup when they were younger, continuing to wear makeup is a great idea (even though they may have wrinkles).

Finally, physical activity, which has a direct impact on their health, can be considered as an incentive so that the older adult can appreciate their body, despite the natural changes that happen.

Another essential ingredient for staying fashionable is attitude, which can be even more important than trying out styles and looks. “Maybe you do not have the same youthful curves, but you can keep your presence. You can make your body your brand, and that helps you to project yourself better,” states the doctor.

Staying interested in your personal image helps you maintain a healthy self-esteem.

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